Who auditions? All performers must audition. 

When are auditions? We will be holding auditions by appointment. Jr. Cast Auditions for Willy Wonka kids will be held Wednesday, 8/21/2019. Sr. Cast Auditions for Mary Poppins Jr. will be held Thursday, August 22nd, 2019 at The Serendipity Center, 10481 Grantline Rd, Ste 130, 95624.

How do I schedule an audition appointment?  You can sign up for your audition online (see button on this page). After you fill out the form, you'll be directed to a sign up with appointment times. If you have questions about auditions, contact Angee Wangsgard at egmusicaltheatre@gmail.com.

Which show should 12 or 13 year olds audition for? Do you take performers under age 7? 12 or 13 year-olds may choose the show in which they participate. We may direct them to one cast or another based on the needs of the casts.  If you need more info. about this, contact Angee Wangsgard. We may accept a limited number of children under the age of 7 if there is room in the cast, depending on the child's readiness.

 What should I bring? Please fill out the registration form online and follow the links at the end of that form to sign up for your audition slot. Be sure to bring payment to auditions if you don't pay online so you can avoid the late fee.

Is there a Sibling Discount? Yes. Enter code SIBLING2019 to get $10 off each registration (good only when registering at least 2 siblings).

 What happens at auditions? Performers choose a 20 minute audition slot. You need to fill out the online registration forms in order to sign up for an audition slot. Upon arrival, they sign in and are called into a singing audition in a small group of performers. After the singing auditions, we'll ask all performers to share a few lines with us.  Parents are welcome to drop their performer off or wait in the lobby during auditions.

 What happens after auditions? Callbacks will be scheduled individually on Saturday, 8/24 as needed. The Cast Lists will be posted via email. We usually don't make cuts, but if you are not accepted into the cast, your production fee will be refunded. 

 What should I sing at auditions?  Performers will be asked to sing a SHORT song of their choice. If the song is longer, we may need to stop them after 45 seconds. They may use accompaniment, but it's not necessary.  They can bring the karaoke version on their phone or on a cd. We cannot allow performers to sing along with the words on a recording, so PLEASE use only instrumental version. Please choose something well-known so we can tell how great it sounds! We recommend: Songs from Musicals, well known Folk Songs, or Disney Songs. Radio songs are NOT recommended. 

Any tips for preparing to read lines at auditions? Jr. Cast performers will be asked to read a line. Please practice the lines (see samples coming 6/6) so the performer can show expression and character while delivering them.  Sr. cast performers should prepare one of the provided sets of lines spoken by a character from the play.  Keep in mind we only need you to prepare one reading sample, not all of the ones provided.


6 Steps for a Great Audition:

 1.  Learn about the musical you’re auditioning for.

2.  Pick a song that shows what part you are interested in.

3.  Practice, memorize and add actions appropriate for the song.

4.  Songs should be sung a cappella (no musical accompaniment) or with instrumental music (karaoke type). Performers may not sing to a track with background singers or words. Performers should be prepared to operate their own music. We recommend it be downloaded so they aren’t relying on cell coverage or wi-fi.

5.  Memorize your short monologue ahead of time - use good diction, make  your voice sound interesting, and speak louder than normal conversation.

6.  Be confident, takes lots of deep breaths, and do your best.

REMEMBER - Even if the director has seen you perform before - this is your chance to show something new that she might not know about you!