FAQ’s about Rehearsals & Performances

When and where are rehearsals? Rehearsals are Thursday evenings. During the Fall they will be held at The Serendipity Center (10481 Grantline Rd Suite 130, 95624) and/or Elite Dance Center (8139 Elk Grove Blvd Suite 330, 95758). In December/January, we will move to Rosemont High School. There is one Friday practice on Nov. 1st, 2019 because we won’t be rehearsing on Halloween. As we get closer to performances, we will have more frequent rehearsals. See the calendar for more details. 

Do I attend every rehearsal? Not necessarily. Directors are busy planning which characters will need to attend which rehearsals. We intend to use the performer’s time wisely at rehearsal. 

What is and isn’t allowed at rehearsals? The rehearsals Sept.-Dec. are closed to parents and siblings of performers. It’s ok to peek your head in for the last few minutes of rehearsal if you want to see how things are going, as long as you do not distract the performers, but we ask parents not to come expecting to sit through the rehearsal.  We have found performers sometimes have difficulty focusing with their parents in the room. For Sr. Cast members, it is always a good idea to bring homework to work on during down time. Cast Members, please don't use cell phones or electronics during rehearsals. Please resist the urge to turn them on or take them out in the theater. No food is allowed inside the theater at Rosemont.

Will there be a double cast? We may create a double cast if the number and caliber of performers auditioning warrants that. Double casting can mean there are actually 2 different casts doing the show, or certain roles may be double cast, where performers switch off playing a certain role. 

What if I have to miss rehearsals? Attendance at rehearsals is crucial. Because this is a group venture, it is inconsiderate when one person in the scene isn’t present to rehearse. If you must miss a rehearsal, please let the producer and/or director know. Missing a rehearsal while the group is learning a new number may result in the performer being dropped from the number. It is too difficult to constantly re-teach numbers.  If you miss more than 2 rehearsals, you can be dropped from the play w/no fee refund. Be present at all rehearsals you are asked to attend.

Where will we perform? Rehearsals are at Serendipity Learning Center (10481 Grantline Rd Suite 130, 95624) and Elite Dance Center (8139 Elk Grove Blvd Suite 330, 95758) through November. Rehearsal and performance locations are subject to change because we are working with the schedules at the venues. We will rehearse at Rosemont 3 times in December. January rehearsals and all performances are planned at the Rosemont High School Performing Arts Center.

How do tickets and performances work? We sell tickets in person and online within a month or so of the show. One ticket ($10) gets one person into both shows. The Jr. Cast goes first at 7 p.m. This show is usually about 40 minutes long, followed by a short intermission. The Sr. Show starts after intermission, usually around 8 p.m. The Sr. shows are usually about 1 hr 20 minutes long.  

More Questions? Contact Angee Wangsgard (916)230-2175 or ask the questions at the parent meeting at the first practice